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"It's no exaggeration that the SUM products have been life changing for me and I highly recommend them. I am so grateful to have found them."


In small amounts, THC has vasodilation and excitatory effects, producing an invigorating feeling that motivates both mental and physical activity.

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A precise combination of THC and CBD in equal ratio. The synergistic effects of this formulation drives a powerful and rewarding level of attention that helps you accomplish what's needed to get done.

"Focus is spot on.  The feel is light and invigorating.  I shared it with some friends in from out of town, and they, too, gave it the thumbs up.  Wish I’d picked up two packs! Keep up the good work."


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"You know we love them. My favorite is Calm!" 


A unique ratio of CBD and THC to ease the stresses of daily life, allowing the psychologically soothing effects of THC to be moderated by the physiologically soothing effects of CBD.

The sleep-related cannabinoid called CBN provides gentle sedation. Our cannabinoid-only formulation allows your body to fall asleep naturally, without the use of hormones like melatonin or artificial sleep aids.


"I was able to give up all other sleep aids!



Our highest CBD formulation. Augmented with a small amount of THC, a full 15mg of CBD allows your body's own natural mechanisms to restore homeostasis and balance.

"I've been using SUM Relief for 3 weeks and it's amazing how fast it works. Relief also gives me an energy boost."


For direct application right to sore muscles or painful joints. The no-mess applicator goes on smoothly and effortlessly. Uptake is rapid and focused right where you need it. Eucalyptus-Peppermint with hints of rosemary and lavender.


"This worked so well for my daughter and sister that I'm now a believer."