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SUM Microdose
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SUM Calm
SUM Energy

soon taking these will be as common as taking a multivitamin

small doses you can do all day

100mg of THC per container
40 sublingual tablets per container

SUM Sleep


A special 2:1 ratio of the sleep-related cannabinoid CBN combined with 5mg THC provides gentle sedation, allowing your body and mind to fall asleep naturally, without the use of hormones like melatonin or artificial sleep aids.

SUM Relief


Our highest CBD formulation helps restore balance to many aspects of life. Augmented with a small 0.5mg of THC and coupled with a full 15mg of CBD, this product allows your body's own natural mechanisms to restore homeostasis.

SUM Energy


Our only single cannabinoid product contains 2.5mg of THC. In small amounts, THC has vasodilation and excitatory effects, producing an invigorating feeling that can motivate both mental and physical activity.

SUM Calm


A unique CBD-dominant ratio eases the stresses of daily life, allowing the psychologically soothing effects of THC to be balanced by the physiologically soothing effects of CBD.

SUM Focus


A precise 1:1 ratio of 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD. The synergistic effects of this formulation drive a powerful and rewarding level of focus that helps you accomplish what needs to be done.

SUM Microdose sublingual products contains natural active ingredients along with inactive ingredients to help deliver the actives.

Active ingredients: CBD isolate and emulsified THC distillate. SUM also contains silica and wintergreen flavor to improve mouthfeel and taste.

Inactive ingredients: Mannitol and cellulose help give structure to the sublingual tablet. Crospovidone helps disintegrate the tablet when placed under the tongue. Sodium stearyl fumarate helps bind the ingredients into a tablet.

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